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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Classic 8.6

Today at 18:00 CET we will run Quiz event. To participate you will need to download our 8.6 client and then log in using our application - GameGuard (ggclassic.exe). Thanks to this application we can be sure that people participating in the quiz won't cheat.

Only players logged in with GameGuard can join the Quiz event. Three best players will be awarded with Gold Account runes.

Good luck!

Posted by team.

We fixed the problem with referrals. Players who haven't received their prize can click "claim prize" once again to get it.

Today we added events, which will run on fixed days:
- massive team battle (Tuesday, 19:00 CET, Friday 19:00 CET)
- castle siege (Wednesday 19:00 CET, Saturday 19:00 CET)
- quiz (Sunday 18:00 CET)

To participate in Quiz event, you will need our program - Game Guard, which will be available for download on our website tomorrow. This program makes it impossible to use bot/scripts, so the event will be fair and everyone will have the same chance of winning.

Here's the first edition of advances sent to

Lord Anonymous - 150lvl

(Featured screenshot - player gets 500 shop points!)

Pipczek - 300lvl

(Featured screenshot - player gets 250 shop points!)

Kuc Master - 200lvl

(Featured screenshot - player gets 200 shop points!)

Baal Zewul - 25mlvl

Baku - 85mlvl

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Posted by team.

- We decreased level required for active referrals. Now it is 75 (instead of 175).
We suggest checking your account if this change didn't unlock a prize for you.
- We fixed quest maker information on character's page.
- We fixed counting Power Gamer experience for the first day of Classic (there was a bug because of which experience was split to two days)

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Today have have performed a minor update. Here's the changelog:
- We increased number of monsters on almost all spawns on Elmidar (this change will be applied after server save)
- We added more train monks

Posted by team.

We would like to kindly thank you for choosing Classic. The number of players is surprisingly high. The record is set to 884 players :-) Thank you for joining Classic.
We didn't come across any bigger problems. We had some attacks but all that could be felt were little lags, the server withstood everything.

Advance screenshot contest
Every Monday we will be picking a screenshot of the week. The winner will be awarded with 500 shop points. Requirements for the next edition are as following:
- minimum 100 level
- minimum 45 magic level for mages, 15 for paladins, 5 for knights
- minimum 65 shielding and fighting skills

You can send you screenshots to our e-mail address:

From the next Tuesday we will add events, which will be starting at fixed time:
- massive team battle (Tuesday 19:00 CET, Friday 19:00 CET)
- guild castle siege (Wednesday 19:00, Saturday 19:00 CET)
- quiz (Sunday 18:00 CET)

Posted by team.

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